Advice from an Oracle Intern

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Recently, on LinkedIn, I was reached out to by the Associate News Director at LinkedIn to share my experience as an intern on one of her posts...and it got me really contemplating my 1st-time internship experience.

As I wait to return back to Oracle for my 2nd Summer as a Software Engineer Intern, I came up with a few fragments of advice I wanted to share with all interns, incoming or returning 🧡

My advice for interns after interning at Oracle:

There are no stupid questions.

Even if you REALLY think it may be stupid, it's not. Ask anything and everything. Be curious & vocal. You're not expected to know everything, you're an intern! And as my manager has said, even when you're experienced, you're still always asking questions, as you should be! Asking questions demonstrates your willingness and openness to learn and be moldable.


Reach out to leadership you admire/look up to and see if they’d be open to speaking with you, giving advice, etc. A 20-minute Zoom call with a Senior VP or Director can seriously bring so much wisdom! Ask them about their journey, how they came to be where they're at now, and how they've accomplished what they've done. Their story should come as an inspiration to you! If they can do it, so can you.

Connect with everyone you can on LinkedIn, comment on posts, or reach out to them on Slack. Genuinely engage with those at your company, whether that be on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Slack, try to get to know them and support them...and they will reciprocate.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes & have an open mind with no ego.

We’re interns. We’re still learning. We're not meant to know it all. If you make a mistake, inquire about why that was a mistake, and how you could’ve done it differently. Be moldable. Most companies don't want someone they think knows it all, they want someone who knows they still have more to learn, no matter what your title is. An inflated ego is the downfall of everything in life, don't let it ruin learning opportunities for you!

Create content!

Write about what you’re accomplishing during your internship, make YouTube videos about your company’s products, and how users can take advantage of them. Tweet updates about your journey on Twitter, and share them on LinkedIn or a blog. Sharing your story and the passion you have for the company you’re interning at can be an amazing way to set yourself apart from other interns. As I can say from personal experience, high-up leadership genuinely appreciate the passion and spark you attempt to ignite on social media for their company/products. It doesn't go unnoticed!

Fun fact: my story and internship were featured on all of Oracle's verified social media accounts, because I was so vocal about it! They found my journey intriguing enough to be featured on their website, and social media. (You can read my official feature on the Oracle website here). THAT is the power of sharing your story!

Lastly: enjoy the ride!

An internship goes by so fast, whether it be Winter, Summer, etc., so make sure to embrace the amazing opportunity of being an intern. And while you might get discouraged at making a mistake or falling short in a sprint, remember: They chose you for a reason! They expect you to make mistakes and fall short, that's where your team/manager steps in to help guide you and advise you. Soak that up like a sponge, with an open mind and you cannot fail.

I hope this blog post can bring some comfort and affirmation to all interns, and even full-time folks... we're all in this together and need to support one another!

Stay true to yourself, be your authentic self and keep an open mind - you've got this!

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See you in my next blogpost! Layla<3